Thursday, May 31, 2012

A real ice cream top

Pattern: McCall's M6022 (7-8-9-10)

Fabric: DS Quilts Collection- Meadow Lark Circle On Tonal Orange
              Ice Cream print  Lisette for Fabric  Tradition  
 { both fabric were purchased at Joann's}

Finished S' new top this afternoon! Cut the pattern and fabric yesterday then spend the afternoon sewing and ripping seams off and sewing back! Growing up I always {wish} my mom could sew me something. The only thing that she helped me out was a felted bunny for my middle school's home and economic project. Mom is a greatest cook that I ever known in my life, but not sewing at our home back in TW.

Even though the pattern size is 7, but still big for S' chest. She is too skinny! The ice cream print fabric is very silky and soft. It is great for summer dress and pants. I plan to make another top with the same print for her soon.

The puffy sleeves are different from the pattern. I used fine elastic to make the sleeves closure smaller!  It was too big and doesn't fit for her body well.  What I like about this pattern is easy to follow and gives clear diagram on each step. Sewing clothes is not new to me anymore, but I still feel nervous when I began cutting the pattern and fabric. It is always exciting to see her wear something I made and that makes me feel good about it!

Today is a beautiful day! I am bring the dresser home today from the wood shop!Very excited about it!! I will be reorganized fabric and also move around our furniture. I will show you the new drawer and a big mistake that I made while I was drilling the holes..   

I shall be off here now ...



  1. Hi!! This is a cute top!! You can use The translatoon took on right side In The top of my blog! Some Word The tool don't take , but please try! You will Get The big line i think!! Annek:-)

    1. Thanks! I will use it next time! your trip looks wonderful!

  2. The top is gorgeous so is the fabric :)

    1. The fabric is super soft and a little silky! Great for summer outfit!


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