Friday, May 11, 2012

Random: SUMMER

It seems like I was blogging last night, but it was a few days ago already! I stepped away for a couple of days since I was taking finals, critiques, and also given students a final this week. The week went rather quick, but surely was busy! I also had an opportunity to exhibit my artworks last night and met many people who stopped by and talked to me about my artworks. We didn't make it home till 9p.m. last night which was late for Stella's bed time! She had rough time this morning getting ready for school.  Well, it is feel good to have my second year of grad school done as of today!  I am resting in my mind and preparing myself for the summer and the final year! It will go by so fast before I know it! The summer will be so busy with all the work that needs to be done before my second review in the fall and the final exhibition in the spring 2013, but I will enjoy a few days off from school now.  I never get to show you the lemon cake I made! It was so popular when I took it to school and share with my friends.

The lemon icing was so good! I used up all my Meyer Lemons for the icing. It has a very calm sweetness from the lemon. I would love to have some of Meyer Lemons if I could!

The Old New 30's fabric from Lecien! Very nice texture and the colors are so nice! If you are someone who enjoy retro colors/ theme you might like to consider this! The price is fair and I really highly recommend it! If you are making small patchwork this might be something for your small projects.

The little Poodles are so cute! I have been looking for Poodles for awhile now! I was able to found them when I was taking study break! The fat quarter bundle was just perfect for what I need in some smaller project. I would love to explore more paper piecing method during this summer! These would be perfect for some sewing! More patchwork totes?

I have been checking the ruler sitter at our local Joann's. It has always been high price to pay for! I used one of the wood scrap board that I have in school studio and cut it into the size that I need. I went to the table saw and ran through a couple of times. I was able to get this ruler sitter made! Cost $0 dollars and the labor was 10 minutes.

Again, thank you so much for the sweet comments about the { patchwork tote edition} I am just very thrilled to read your comments and emails that came in my mail box lately! I mentioned in my last post I will  write a few posts on how I work towards to the patchwork tote. I hope that will help you on making your own!



  1. Yes please tell us details in making the patchwork tote. I found it to be so lovely.

  2. Hi!! You must give us the recepie for the cake!! And the iceing....... The fabric is great!!!! Have a nice day!! AnneK:-)


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