Saturday, May 26, 2012

gvieaway winner

 {sew.mama. sew} giveaway winner goes to Marit ! Congrats Marit! I will email you later today!!

I made a patchwork zippered pouch to go with the giveaway. I wasn't had enough time to made the pouch when the giveaway started!! I hope Marit will like this patchwork zippered pouch! 

Again, use mainly scraps fabric and some vintage fabric to go with this pouch! I chose the kitty shape zipper tag to go with this pouch! I will be back with { Take four} next week. I have been sewing, since the weather hasn't been well!  Lots rain storms and lots cold winds!! We wish some warm weather and wish open our windows again...  Back to more sewing and a little shop update will coming up soon!



  1. gorgeous pouch, congrats to Marit!!!

  2. This is so pretty and fun! Love the kitty shape zipper tag detail. You made my day! I am one lucky woman...
    ; )))
    And I look forward to (Take four), next week. Enjoy your long weekend!


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