Monday, May 7, 2012

Random: Capturing

Welcome to Monday! It is raining and cool here in northern land! Finally I enter the final week of semester. I should be busy and study for the final, but I am resting in my Final week's Monday! I ran around the town and {accidentally} ran into a local quilt shop and { accidentally} saw these two prints. I have been wanting to get some of graphic drawing prints lately. I am happy with today's incident. 

The basket full of vintage treasure that was given to me by a friend's mom. I have been keeping this basket with me for two years now and adding some new founds when I can. It is interesting that how I get attract to old things and so appreciated all the work that the people have put into. Do you collect these too?

The eggs are going away fast this past week. I have been making food from them. We have about 6 eggs left after I taken this photo.

 Lemon Cake, anyone? It is in the oven now and our apartment is smelling {amazing}.

I often wish that I have a professional kitchen to bake. You might not know that I have been writing to Santa about this mixer and I will keep write to him until he send it to me.  It will be awhile before I hear from him. According to Stella, Santa only responds to the children, so she is writing it on my behalf. 

 Getting some photo studio going on here! The lighting has been dim lately! Wish some sunshine soon!

Birthday quilt! It is so Modern and I am not used to that, but will try it! 



  1. Hi!! Thank you!! I linked back to you!! I want other people to read your blog too!! I want to make more of those bags. Love them!! AnneK:-) I love pastery with lemon in too:-)

  2. I'm curious, do you happen to know the name of the fabric with pink graphic drawings?

    1. It is by Lakehouse Holly Holderman Paris Tea


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