Monday, May 14, 2012

Take Two: Scraps

I always go through the scraps box and look through the pieces and have an idea of what scarps I have. Sometimes,  I might have more blue in the box for the period of the time due to the projects that I work on or sometimes I might have more red! It is random for me. 

Often time I would cut off some of the large pieces then addition to the small scraps. Most of the time I use them for larger patchwork area.  I often look in my fat quarter drawers to find the additional colors that I need.

I always start with smallest pieces and patch them together. Shown above image, the smallest piece is less than 1" square then I start finding corresponding colors and scraps together.  I prefer press the back seam as I go with my project, so I have my iron and ironing board on when I am sewing. It always gives nice and flat for the blocks.

What do I mean corresponding colors and scraps? For example: light/ dark, warm color schemes and cool color schemes. Dots, cycles, shapes. etc.  Then I would add one color that's odd among the others. The reason is to get off the harmonized visual pleasing. Sometimes, it works well on certain project.

Scraps batting are the best for the patchwork projects!! I have been saving all the quilt batting that trimmed off from the quilts that I made. Some are 4" wide and some are 20 inches wide. I keep them in a bag then I would go through them when I made little zippered pouches, coasters, or anything that doesn't acquire large batting. 

Remember the batting will get a little smaller due to your quilting. It is about 1/4" smaller or so! I must be very honest with you that I never plan my patchwork tote size. I just sew as I go! Sometimes I make a few then realize it is big enough. It is never hurt if you like the patchwork project for using your scraps up!

Example for the small batting pieces. The smallest quilting piece on the center top is 3"x4".  Originally I made 10 patchwork pieces. So when I patch these small patchwork together then it gives a different look then one small patchwork.

As you can see the front pieces have a new arranged composition. It creates more dynamic look. Again, play around your idea and put these small patches next to each other and see how these small patches works for you.  The sizes doesn't need to be perfect, I'd say play with your colors then you can decided if you prefect even block look or uneven block look.

Unlike the small patches. This is a whole piece of larger batting that I made on the other side of the {patchwork tote}.  On this large batting what I have done is use a darker fabric as my focal point then I added lighter fabric to bring out the contrast then added darker fabric around it. It is a wonky log cabinet block. Please let me know if you have any questions.



  1. This was such an inspirational post. I really appreciate seeing the process you used including your batting organization! Thank-you!

  2. This really helps. Thanks. I love your patchwork totes.

  3. So wonderful! Thanks for sharing this process!

  4. Thanks so much, Chase! It really helps to see how you do your fearless patchwork! I only hope I can cut loose and do as well as you do.

  5. wow it pops out the designs and colors like looking at art thanx renee


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