Saturday, May 19, 2012

Random: Weekending

I woke up with raining storm and the temperature finally cool off! Everything looks so clean after the rain shower. I always love the raining days, but also do complain about it when I need photograph. The birthday quilt for my friend is coming quick and lovely!!! I almost think I need to keep it or maybe make one for myself. I plan on print out all the work in process images/ photos and make a memory book for my friend to keep. I think it would be another great birthday present for her. Stella could do the illustration and writing parts. This might be a great project for her in the summer!

Stella took the camera yesterday. This image show on  my computer this morning when I was uploading images. She wrote this book at the beginning of her school year  and it is about the trip that we took last summer back to Taiwan. It is such a nice book and she agreed I could photocopy each page and sent it to my family back home.

 My sweet sweet fabric swap package arrived in my mail box yesterday! I { LOVE} these vintage fabric! Thank you, Kerry!! You are so sweet!!  I plan to use some of these for { Kerry's house}. I have three more little housing to make before I turn them into a mini quilt!

 Lots leftover bread! I am attempting a new baking today! It is bread pudding! I never try one, but I am attempted after reading the ingredients. 

The herb plants are growing.. growing .. growing.. I can't wait for the basil to be tall and big. I love put basil on homemade pizza!  I also love chives for omelets and I love parsley for simple salad!

Stella spotted more strawberry flowers are blooming this morning.  She is exciting that she will be able to pick her own strawberries soon. She was worried this morning when much raindrops came...After the rain stopped she went outside and check if the flowers are still there. She came in and shared with me that there are five pretty white flowers.

The ironing board is done! It took me 30 minutes to make one. I wrote a tutorial way back if you are interested.  The fabric is Amy Butler's August Field. I think it might be discontinued!  I got it long time ago and it is in canvas weight, so it is perfect for ironing board cover and handbags.  Today I am preparing 10 people's food! Lots cooking will be happening soon! I will respond your comment after this post!  :)



  1. Have a lovely day with your friends and family today! Now I know you are a chocolate fan I will have plans for next time we swap! Your work always looks so orgainsed and neat!

    1. Thanks!! It was cold and rainy when my friends came! We were wrapped in blankets and lots hot teach!! Love the swap! Plan on making the houses again this week! I am excited about the mini quilt! :)

  2. You have a lovely style of writing....just meandering through your archives after finding you through the give-away day.

    1. Thank you!! Hope you are having a great day!! xx


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