Wednesday, May 30, 2012

{ Take Five} : Materials and tools

Today will wrap up the {patchwork take} and share few tutorial links with you at the end of the post. Today I will talk about tools and material that I used for the { patchwork tote edition } { patchwork handbag} and {Patchwork tote}. Many of  you have a nice room for sewing, but S and I share a long, but narrow table together! You probably have heard that we complain about each other often.. since I couldn't have everything spread out, I use a found basket for major tools.  I prefer small rotary cutter than the bigger ones. It really just nice for my hands. Few seam rippers around when I make mistakes. Sewing foot that use the most is right next to the sewing machine! Something that works for me, but I wish someday I have a big table that I can have everything out. 

Many of you have ask the leather handles that I used in { patchwork tote edition}. There's a leather store near by my home. I went there and didn't see any fancy leather handles instead of straps of leather in different width. Leather is EXPENSIVE! Be sure if this is something you are looking for your future projects. Otherwise it can cost you more than you would like! I got one strap less than 2 yards was 12.00 then another small piece was 6.99, but these are the good leather. I have been carrying the same tote since I made it and the leather has becoming soft and comfortable.   Sewing needle tool- I got it from Taiwan. I can't find anything alike here. I used it to poke small holes on the patchwork pieces { into batting}. Since the batting is so thick there's no way that the tapestry needles would go in. Once you poke small holes on the position it will allow you to go through the leather holes and patchwork together easy.  The leather shop suggest I use utility knife for cutting leathers { misspelling on top of images}. 

Leather puncher is another expensive tool. I was able to borrow it from friend.  Without it you probably will have trouble to punch holes in your leather.  There are five different sizes in one puncher. It is around 16.00 for this tool.  So, if you can ask around and borrow the tool before you are serious about it.

 Different sizes holes from puncher. It gives you clean holes and able to adjust the gaps between holes.

 It is great for the leather! You can't punch holes in the fabric { I tried, didn't work}.

I used Tapestry Needles to thread the waxed linen thread for the leather handles.  Waxed linen thread is very thick, so be sure you have big needle eye for it.

Waxed linen thread is very sturdy thread! I only used waxed linen thread to hold the handles and patchwork tote together.  It is 5.00 for a small spool.

Magnet snaps are something new for me this time. It is great for closing the top of the bag if you are not sewing with zipper. You can find it in craft store and Joann's. It comes three pairs in one package! It was on sale for 2.99.

I am not able to recommend any leather shop in etsy or online shops for you { sorry}! It is hard to tell which shop carries most fine leather. I did a little research on etsy. The fancy handles are about 15 dollars, but I am not sure if the quality is excellent.  But try your local leather shop if you have one.. I would try to ask them if they have any scraps for sell. Sometimes, it is cheaper and you might score good deals.

To finish the lining with the bag. Here are some links that you can take a look. They are great and easy to follow.

sew.mama. sew
easy tote

edit: here is one of link that I got that carries fine leather.



  1. u-handbag has great leather straps, super quality.

  2. I love this way to make handles!! I do the same......:-) Anne:-)

  3. thanks for these wonderful tutes
    i was wondering if you just do a regular lining?
    i cant wait to try your method
    gorgeous patchwork!


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