Tuesday, May 22, 2012

w.i.p. : quilt for J

Yesterday I was gone all day to the wood shop! I found an old/vintage style dresser in the yard two weeks ago { city spring cleaning}. Few things need to be repair and I sand the glossy paint off, which result sore arms this morning. The dresser is in rough wood shape now. I can't decided if I should paint it over with color or I should stay with original wood quality. 

I decided the hourglass pattern for this quilt. Keeps the quilt simple!! Late night sewing means messy and mistakes! The pin board still is my most happy found lately! A place to pin up with projects and a place to remind myself what projects need to continually working.

The sun is shinning in and the tea kettle is whistling... I should depart from here and start the day...



  1. Oh, it's going to be beautiful, this quilt. :-)

  2. Your newest quilt is looking gorgeous, Chase!

    1. Much sewing lately and hope to have this quilt finish, so I can start quilting it before I send it to my friend.


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