Sunday, May 20, 2012

Random: Sunday

The bread pudding turned out so delicious! Nothing left, but crumbs! I will make it again if I have some older bread! It is always fun and lovely to spend time with closed friends and share a good meal together! We over ate and over laugh.  It was cold and windy yesterday afternoon, but we sat outside and just enjoy the good time together!

Another semester end of violin recital for Stella! I made her a root beer float before she went to the recital! I told her, root beer float will make her fearless! She did great today! She was confident on the stage! No shacking legs this time, according to her! Stella and my sister went pick out the pair of golden shoes from Taiwan last summer! She has been wearing the same shoes for her last few music recitals! It has a special magic to her, since it is from her dearest aunt and she loves her very much! ! I am always a proud mama sat in the audience seat!  I used to have tears around my eyes.. I still do when she plays, but I tried to be sweet! :)

Today has been another productive day for me to work on the quilt! Lots pressing and cutting! The quilt is coming along! I can't wait to lay them on the floor and decide the final pattern look. zig-zag? hourglass?

Fabric in house! ooops! 

Tomorrow is Sew, Mama, Sew giveaway day! I am participating this wonderful event! I have met many amazing quilters, crafters, and friends through this great event! I came cross many nice people via this great giveaway! It is a great giveaway to celebrate the quilting/crafting community together! Thank you, ALL!



  1. Hi!! Thank you for answering me!! 3 months off school is long time....... I realy hope your daughter will cintinue with her music!! That it will be joyful for her, not a duty..... And mums always cries when their "babies" preform!! AnneK:-)

  2. Yes!! little tears never hurt! She will be in a short week of violin camp and other activities as well! It will be a long, but plant fun summer that she is looking forward!! : Have a great day! XO


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