Thursday, May 3, 2012

Quilt making

Today is a busy day! I got some project done at school and was feeling so good when I got home. I began basted the quilt.  This quilt was pieced awhile ago and when I made it I wanted a very simple block look.  I used Deyse Schmidt's Fairground and Picnic line for Joann's. I tried the free motion quilting again and feel comfortable about it as I have been working more lately. This quilt  will be given away soon. I will not be able to show the whole quilt until I sent it out and the person receives this quilt. 

It was a quilt making night and I am off to hand-binding now. 



  1. Such a beautiful sashing color you chose1 Looks really fine with those other colors! It really unifies the lights and darks....

    1. Thank you so much! The quilt is bound and ready to mail out next week! I will show the full view of this quilt when my friend received this quilt. xo


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