Friday, June 1, 2012

Random: improvment

 Check out the dresser! It turns out really nice!! After lots sanding and staining! The top three drawers' handles were broken, so replaced them with metal handles which turn out classical! After I took it home yesterday afternoon. I found far right bottom drawer isn't fit in, so well! I plan on sanding down the sides next week, maybe that will give it a little more room to fit in.  Can you see the far right top dresser with a little white dot ?? When I was drilling holes yesterday morning, I missed the space between two handle holes by one inch!! I was screaming inside of my head { completed think I was out of my mind}.  My friend helped me by filled it in with wood filling. It will take another day or two to let it settle then I will use small brush to stain on.  Also making a small quilt top for this dresser is on the { to-do} list now.

I had hard time to decided which handle to pick out when I was in the hardware store! The other ones are fancier in style, but this shape seem catch my eyes first. It is also great to pull out the drawers.

Now! Some of the fabric is out from the plastic boxes! I just need to remember where I put everything now! Still room for other fabric, but I was tired and ready a break last night! So far so good!

 The middle drawers are smaller, so this is where I store fat quarters. I like to put them in the {line set} instead of sorting them by colors. It is easier for me to find particular fabric when I am looking for one!

 The backing for birthday quilt has arrived yesterday! I ordered Gypsy from Amy Butler's first fabric line. So lovely in color and texture!! I see a busy weekend ahead of me! As some of you might know that I have been playing free motion lately! A big quilt really helps free motion improvement! I need to look for a simple quilting pattern for this quilt.
 I need to revisit my Farmer's Wife Sample blocks soon! I am half way through!  Are you playing this,too??

 The leftover patchwork piecing from S' messenger bag. I am making it into a zippered pouch to match her bag.  Thank you for join the flickr group. You have made your own patchwork style!! I love how color schemes in each individual's taste/style are different. I also love seeing your scraps becoming treasures!

Stella finished her drawing now! My job is getting them embroidered! Mini quilt project that we do during the summertime. Each year, the drawings are more detail and interesting! I love how how she humanized some of the drawings... strawberry girls! Can you tell?


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  1. This might sound dumb, but have you tried swapping the right drawer with the one on the left? I had an old dresser whose drawers had to be in the right place to fit properly. Love the pics of your pretty fabrics.


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