Saturday, May 5, 2012

Randome: weekending

 { made an inner pocket for the new patchwork tote}

 {bound the quilt}

 { found the pin board on Friday then covered with unbleached muslin} 

 { hung the mini quilts up and the w.i.p. blocks} 

 {made those yummy strawberry pastry} 

 { enjoy the good weather} 

 { gift from her} 

 { a new home for the stuffed animal?} 

 { she made something} 

The daylight started around 5ish in the mornings. I woke up with a good night rest and ready to start the day. It was busy until few hours ago then I sat down and rest for the day!  Last night, I stayed up and made an inner zipper pocket for the new patchwork tote { I will share soon}. The quilt is bound and I decided not to wash it instead before I send out! I love how it turns out! Lots blue, but it is great for either a boy or a girl! I love the idea of quilts are for everyone!

I found a pin board to cover up the plywood wall! I covered it with unbleached muslin and stabled the fabric and the board with stable gun. I went to the hardware store and got hangers to hang on the wall.  The solution solved great projects. I pin up the mini quilts  and also some w.i.p. blocks. It is great that my w.i.p projects are not in piles, but pin up on the board! It really help me to see what I am working and pin up to get new ideas.

Are you attempting the strawberry pasties?? It is so delicious! I made 30 of these today and they are all gone now!! My friend came over this afternoon for a cup of tea and I served her these mini pasties!  I need to make more now. These are so small! Almost in the bit bite size! 

A good day spent with Stella! She found a new place for Her animals to rest{ I found it in the dumpster awhile ago. It is solid wood. I was thinking transfer it to a fabric container. She was busy making today! She made mini totes for her animals and they turn out very cute! Fabric scraps are also great for kids crafty projects!  It has been a busy day here! I have enjoy my day and hope you do, too.



  1. Really love your pinboard - so full of pretty quilts and quiltblocks
    ; )

    1. I was excited to found it and went to the fabric store got two yards of muslin. It is great to have a place to pin my w.i.p. projects and some mini quilts. xo.

  2. Do you have a recipe for the strawberry pastries? They look delicious.
    Can't wait to see your quilt and your tote.
    Have a great day Julie

    1. sure!

      -6 oz. cream cheese
      -1/2 cup sour cream
      -2 tsp. sugar
      -1 tsp. vanilla extract
      {mixed all these together}

      -bake pastry sheet ( I bough my in small sizes. You can find these in any grocery store)

      -Melt 3 oz. Chocolate and 1 tablespoon butter together.

      spread the melted chocolate on the bottom of the pastry sheet then filled in the cream cheese filling. Put it in the fridge then cool for 2 hours. Before serving add the strawberries and drip the remaining chocolate on top of the strawberry. Then ready to serve!


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