Thursday, February 28, 2013

Random: Thursday

  { signature quilt for J}

 {the block S contributed}

 {two done and two more to go}

It is nice to hear my voice again, but in very low tone! We have doing a lots whispering and gentle talks at home for last few days. It feels good that the cold is slowly going away and I feel myself again!

It is always my pleasure to being ask to make something for someone. My friend Julie turned 50 last September and I made { J's quilt} for her. Her family gave her a big surprised birthday party, but due to schooling and the long distance drive S and I missed the party. The family was hoping make something special for her, so asked me to put a quilt together for her.  We came up with idea that have families/ children she babysat/ babysit leave her a little track mark on the block.

The signature blocks were sent to me during Christmas and I finally got my hands on them! Each white block is measured 7"x7" and I added 2.5" for the printed fabric.  I was nervous when I went pick up the fabrics in the store. Julie has a green room in her house and she was talking about gray walls in her living room last summer when we visited. She also loves greens, so I though green and gray would be great combination for the simple signature quilt. Julie is coming in a month to visit us, so the goal is have the quilt ready when she come visits.

There are many w.i.p projects around here! Another panel of hand-quilting is done and I have two other panels to work on.  It is relaxing to hand-quilt while I needed lots sitting and resting. My tea cup is always filled with honey tea and the music that I have been listening is Jazz music during the late nights.

I wondered if you have a sewing pouch that contained all your sewing tools? I am in love with mine and I have so many of them just to keep all the tools together. The {Wonky Star zippered pouch} is hand-quilted on 100% cotton batting and insert with mental zipper. The lining is linen and cotton blended fabric. It is listed in the {shop} now!

This week has been busy at school due to one of our staff is leaving, so a few of us is helping him to finish up the project that he is involved. Today it is a good day to stay home and get organized all the w.i.p. projects and  preparing the test that's coming up very soon! 



  1. All your projects are so lovely, as usual. I love the idea of Signature quilt, I'm sure it will be such a wonderful surprise.

  2. Your hand quilting is absolutely perfect!

  3. Replies
    1. Thank you!! The quilt top is done now and I am loving it! For some reason, I can't reply to you via email.

  4. I love your hand quilting! The little brooch I just received from your shop is SO lovely, and to have some of your hand stitching in my hands is just delightful! I would love to make things as you do. I'm glad you are feeling better. Happy birthday to your friend - she is so lucky to have you make such a pretty, meaningful quilt for her!

  5. Your new quilted panels are sweet, I love the colors and effect of hand-quilting. And the birthday quilt is great too. It is very good idea! It will be very nice present :) Have a lovely weekend! Jolana


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