Thursday, February 14, 2013

Random: xoxo

 {happy Valentine's day~}

 { scallop}


 { heart}



 { heavier than other mini quilt}

 { mini quilt}

 {the pattern}

{Happy Valentine's Day, dear friends} 

February is one of our favorite month of the year. There are many of our closed friends' birthdays are in February and of course S' birthday as well. She is an almost valentine baby, but she decided to came early.  It is the time that I start thinking Spring is soon coming and maybe farewell to winter.

I have always enjoy February mornings! Every morning when I take S to school and would need to cross a bridge in order to get to south side of the town. The height of the bridge is perfect for seeing the sun rises and sun sets in horizon line. The sun light is warm and blurry! When the days are so cold we can see some winter rainbow. It really awake the day for me and we will miss that bridge when we move! 

We have slowly going through {things} here. There are few boxes that are never opened since we moved to N.D. We went through the boxes and found so many S' preschool and kindergarten works. It is very hard to give up S' first writing book, first school 100 days hat and the birthday hat that her preschool teacher made her.  I think I am not just a fabric hoarder keeper, but everything keeper! 

{Pixelated Heart Mini Quilt} just finished this morning! I had hard time looking for binding fabric then later on I went with {Bella by Lotta Jansdotter} and it is a great fabric line! I am glad I made my mind and bought the fat quarter bundle last year. For the quilting pattern, I went with scallop pattern instead of straight lines. You can simply make the scallop pattern by using cups that's available from your home then trace the round shape on stock paper or even paper box that you can find. Cut the shapes out then trace the shape with B-gone pen on the quilt.  For the backing, I used the B-gone pen and wrote {xoxo} then embroidered the hand-writing.

{Pixelated Heart Mini Quilt}

Fabric: SCRAPS and cut in 1.5"x1.5"
Quilting Pattern: Scallop
Quilting: Hand-quilting by me 



  1. I love your perfect stitches and the scallop quilting.

  2. very cute mini! Happy Valentine's Day! I hope you get to indulge in your favorite candy!

  3. The quilt is gorgeous, I love Lotta Jansdotter fabrics too.

  4. Oh I'm a keeper too, my hubby would throw anything out while I squirrel stuff away because you never know! love the heart and your quilting on it.

  5. I am a terrible hoarder. But once in a while ill have a huge clear out because I hate a mess. I heart your quilt and quilting. By the way I'm having a great giveaway on my blog.


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