Thursday, February 7, 2013

Random: Scraps & stitches

{Thank you. thank you. thank you} all the fabulous birthday wishes have been received and S continues the birthday excitement in here. Balloons are separated in different space here. The one above is the reading balloon and there is a sleeping balloon, piano balloon...

These scraps didn't happen in one night. The patchwork were done mostly while waiting S gone to bed, so I could work on her {birthday quilt}. I was sewing {something}. Most of scraps are from the last two single girl quilts and the previous projects.  It is nice to see them being used and patch together.

Another small hand-quilting project just started last night. I have always enjoy hand-quilting on small projects. It really adds nice texture to it.  It is quiet here, since I decided to stay home instead going back to school studio to work.

The days have been longer and we both like it so much more. We had two days straight snow days  here { few hours in the mornings and afternoons} and the ground added new layers of coat on; it is pretty here!

Now, one quilt down and five more to go...  



  1. What lovely scraps! Have fun working with them!

  2. Gorgeous! Scrappy projects are my favorite. Have fun staying home.

  3. fun pieces........... bits of this and that..........smashing

  4. Lovely scraps! :) And I agree... hand quilting is really nice. It is something, what I should really more practice :)
    Have a lovely day, J.


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