Friday, March 1, 2013

Random: keep it simple

 { keep it simple}

 {single girl #2}

 {little patchwork and hand-quilting}

 { almost there, log cabin}

{destash and re-listing fabrics}

{keep it simple} is the motto I keep in mind lately! Extra simplify our lifestyle and extra simple with our everyday activities. Feel fulfilled each day and feel accomplished before bed time. I love how S often asked me, {mama, do you feel like accomplished many things today? I feel that I have fulfilled my day with all the busy stuff}. { I think her stuff is schooling, having fun with her friends at school, and coming home play musics and reading books}. I often reply to her, {what an accomplishment day you have had! You must feel so good about it}.

It feels great that March arrived today! The sun is bright and warm in N.D. this morning! S didn't need the second alarm to wake her up. She woke up and told me it feels so good waking up in the bright light morning, not in the dark.  

After taken S to school morning, I have gone the weekly grocery shopping and put all the supplies away. It has been great not needed to rush in the store with other shoppers during the rush hours and I could actually enjoy being in the store. There are times that I miss go to traditional open market where you can pick and select the fish, veggies, fruit, and have conversations with the fisherman, veggie stand owner.. they often have great stories about their seasonal crops and give us sample for the seasonal fruits. There's always bonus of sort to take home and try.

Finally, I have made my mind about the single girl's backing fabric and it is on its way. I plan to hand-quilt the second Single Girl and embroider notes on it while I am waiting the backing fabric to come! Oh, I think I am turning into a plans driver more so lately. It helps me get tasks accomplish and more focus!

Log cabin quilt is almost done with hand-quilting and binding fabric is what I have been looking. I am thinking bold colors with prints or solid fabric. It would be nice to have this quilt finish and unload from the quilting bars. Toss in the washer and will make it even more cozy look.

I have a big stack of fabric will list in the {shop} later this weekend.  Hope you can come by and maybe find some prints that you are looking for. {Thank you for helping me out}! There will be a post here when listings are ready to view.

Time to return to school for another day of {busy stuff}. 

Happy March 1st!



  1. Looking forward to seeing your quilt all finished ; )

  2. your perfect little hand stitches are so beautiful! i just love looking at your pictures, especially your fabric choices- they are so delicate and clean.

  3. Love that purple stripe fabric.. will keep my eye out ;) your hand quilting is so pretty and even. Its going to be so beautiful all finished up!

  4. Perhaps this is rather a strange question, but could you tell me which font you are using for "keep it simple". I don't have such a font on my laptop and can't find any one alike. Perhaps you could help me? Greetings from Germany and many thanks!


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