Friday, February 8, 2013

mini kin-cha-ku


 { back}

 { in my hand}

 { hand-quilting}

 { many sweet prints}

 {a mini project is in action}

Somehow the small projects make my heart sing. It is more manageable than the larger projects.  It helps me feel a little extra accomplish for the week. I am in the mind of mini kin-cha-ku aka {drawstring bag} lately. I would like to make a ton dozen of mini version of them. This time it turns out super mini and I love the size of that my one hand can handle it!

Hand-quilting always adds nice texture on the small projects. I wish all my quilts can be quilted by hands instead. As  you see,  many spring colors around here lately!  S and I talked about greens and blues lately a lot! And I expended into the color theory with her by asking her what greens and blues that she sees in the surrounding and how each of these colors make her feel.  It is really fun to hear what she thinks and compared to what I think. She told me, green is energy and that's why she loves greens so much now... oh dear... i replied!

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  1. love love love your bag. Will definitely need to make one. pinned. love the pick stitching and what did you use for the tie? is that . . . I can't think of the name. it almost looks like leather. thanks for sharing.

  2. Very cute project - love the bag

  3. Very sweet. Your stitches are perfect. ; )

  4. this is adorable! love the hand stitching!

  5. so totally adorable! You're such a master with scraps, it's amazing what you can come up with!!!


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