Monday, February 25, 2013

Patchwork Drawinstring bag

Hope you never get tired of seeing kin-cha-ku aka{ drawstring bag} here.  The kin-cha-ku just finished and I know by heart it will not be the last one that I make! The size of it is slightly taller, which is perfect for some taller items. I love seeing how S stuffed her note pads, pens, camera, and things that she loves in {hers}. I have been stuffed {mine} with sewing tools in the days that hang out with friends at the local cafe and some of the days I switch to storage fabric scraps.

The exterior of the drawstring bag is hand-quilted on 100% cotton batting, which really added soft texture to the bag. The lining is the new DS collection, Farm Stand.  Did ever you get your hands in the new collection? 

On the other side of the bag is used many sweet prints to create a sky and summer look.  I love the blue floral print on the bottom. It is perfect for the kin-cha-ku.  This lovely kin-cha-ku is listed in the {shop}.

{Thank. You. Very. Much} for all your supports at the {1/4"mark shop}. It is always flatter to received orders from handmade lovers!  It really means a lot to me that someone loves the work I made! {Thank you. Thank you. Thank you}.

There will be more handmade items  added to the shop and also destash fabric from my own collection. With the moving that's coming upon us. I have started to go through items that we might need or might not need for our next destination.



  1. I never get tired of looking at your beautiful bags. They are so cute. I just got the same DS quilts fabric...It is so lovely.

  2. Chase, your new drawstring bag is sooo pretty! I supposed, that it is for your daughter, because of lovely embroidery :) Really lovely result! Jolana

  3. ooooh, very, very pretty. Love all the beautiful hand quilting.

  4. This bag is SOOO gorgeous!! I hopped right over to your shop, but someone luckier than I already snatched it up!! I can't wait to see more!!


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