Friday, February 1, 2013

Random: what if?


what if?

Last few nights, I have been working on S' quilt label. It took me too long to decided what to write and what to draw. I did the linear drawing of S' profile while she was playing her violin.  It is a very abstract form and I am getting concern {what if} she doesn't like it?  She calls these drawings, {the monkey drawings}.

It has been too long time since I work on embroidery. My eyes and hands seem not corresponding well  late at nights! Some of the stitches might gone longer than the others and my { what ifs"} have been running my mind last few days...

what if the quilt didn't get finish on time? S will be fine with it, I told myself.
what if she didn't like the label in the back? S will love them when she turns 30, I told myself...
what if she wants a bigger size of the quilt? S will share with her children when she becomes a mama, I told myself.

i do and love the honesty of my eyes seeing S in the linear perspective.. 

this quilt label is my week of accomplishment...

link up: {crazymomquilts: Finish it up Friday}

more soon.. i pinky promise!



  1. Chase, this is an amazing label, she'll love it & the whole quilt.

  2. everything about this quilt is so special and your look into the future of where this quilt will be is sweet.

  3. I adore this label. It gave me goose bumps! How wonderful to make your daughter such a lovely, heirloom gift. (Your drawing and embroidery is sooo perfect, too!)

  4. what a fantastic idea! This quilt already looks amazing, can't wait to see it in its full glory!!!

  5. How beautiful Chase, such a lovely fluid style in your embroidery art too!

  6. Chase, this is so full of love and best hopes for your sweet daughter. She is a lucky girl!

  7. Chase, I have never written to you before but feel it is time now. I adore your blog and following your life (as much as you well let us). I too have been a single Momma for 17 years and you are doing such a incredible job with your sweet daughter. There will be times that it's too much, or I don't know what to do. So just stop and give Stella and yourself a hug. It's all good. This is it. This is what there is (at least at the moment).
    Your quilt for Stella is fabulous and so very full of your love for your daughter. You are so gifted and inspirational. Keep doing what you are doing and it will be a celebration. You touch my heartstrings everytime I read your blog. Thank you for that my dear. You help me get on with my day. (-:

  8. What if she treasures it forever---I know I would!!

  9. It's just beautiful! I made a quilt for my 9 year-old daughter recently and haven't got around to labelling it! Your work makes me think I will embroider something to applique to the back. I don't think I could match your artwork though.

  10. I love it, it's truly special. 'Let the adventures begin' how 4 short words can express a mothers love it quite amazing. My daughter 'S' is 7, turning 8 soon. She has special needs and only has a few words. Yet you wouldn't be long knowing what she wants and needs. So I am often heard saying 'speech is overrated'! Why use a 100 words when 4 will do.


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