Saturday, February 16, 2013


 { new reading for me}

 {Once in a while}

 {run! pack your purse, make sure bring your wallet. don't miss out the new DS collection for Joann}

 {DS collection 2012}

 { Quilt for P}

 { mini quilts}

 { electric outrage; make sure many flashlights by your belt}

 { sorting}

 { what to make?}

{Welcome to weekending}

Lately, I have been researching new books to read and books that contain good informative information for S and myself to read together.  Then I came cross some really informative encyclopedia books that contain many subjects. It has been a fun reading for me and S is able to share what she has learned from school and what is new for her.

Not very often that we have bacon at home. It is almost like treat for us. Today as we pass by the local butcher shop we got a small portion of bacon slices. It has been a while to have breakfast for lunch; simple and very nutritious!

When arrived home from S' music lesson. I started preparing lunch and waited in front of the stove to warm up. It took a very long time for me to realized that our power is out.  S scurried to the bedroom and gather all her flashlights by her belt and asked if I need a flashlight. Here.. I have a mini flashlight set by my sewing machine, just in case.. after another half an hour the power is back! The furnace is back in running, lunch was prepared and eaten, internet server is back on, fridge is keeping food in good condition, sewing machine is ready to have a go!  As S suggested, wish we have an old-fashioned stove and yes, that's a great idea!

The quilt top for my friend Peter is almost done. It will be a lap size quilt. It has been a very challenging quilt to make. I went off my fabric comfort zone when I found out that he likes purple. I am not sure if he will the purple that I picked. I decided to go with black for the border and the gray floral print for the backing. 

As you know that there are many exciting news around here. S and I  both decided to have a longer tea time today; share the books from library and we are working as a team researching Taiwan culture for her class.

Weekending at {1/4" mark house} is always busy, but we try to find time to sit and visit!
How about your weekending?


  1. Hi Chase : Finally I follow you here, what a nice spending weekend with your daughter, I like her lego flashlight .. so cute! Have a nice weekend..

  2. your minis and scraps look so lovely. Hope your power is back on by now.

  3. Thank you for sharing about those beautiful ds quilts fabrics!! I really need to check those out.


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