Monday, February 18, 2013

Random: Monday


Our Monday morning started a phone call by the public school message system and announced no school today due to the weather.  Quickly, I crawl off the bed and tried to get the idea  about the weather. oh dear.. it has been white white white since 6a.m. this morning. The wind continues blowing and the snow dust is everywhere.

S woke up in her normal school day hours and was disappointed that she'd missed the library hour today.  Since I have been working toward some school paperwork I asked her if she could help me make subject pages to insert in the binder.  She has been busy since she got up! With an unexpected day off, S needs some fun projects to keep her busy throughout the day.  Meanwhile, I will keep quilting and enjoy the pretty winter wonderland from the windows.



  1. oh look all that snow! it must be sooooo cold Chase!
    Love all what you are doing, your scrappy proyects and your hand quilting are the best!

    many warm hugs for you and beautiful S!

  2. yaiikss..!! that's much of snow ? lucky S has so talented mommy, can make her busy :) (btw, after seeing your header picture, I feel so embarrassed that I just throw plain blanket I purchased from cover my sofa*dooh!! why didn't thinking to make something nice like yours :)

  3. no President's Day at S's school? That's quite a snow storm

  4. Wow, it is winter time!!! WOW! It is snowing in my country too, but the temperature is over the zero. The quilting looks really nice!
    Have a lovely time, Jolana


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