Friday, February 15, 2013

Random: good news!

{valentines, be mine}

Yesterday, we had much sugar! More than we needed for the week. Hope your {valentine's day} was sweet and fabulous! S flew a paper airplane to the kitchen while I was fixing the dinner and had message on the paper, { meet at 7p.m. at bedroom}. She presented the song she wrote to me and play it on her violin for me. These are the best of best gifts from her to me! It makes everything twice better!!

Another great news happened yesterday after the {xoxo} post. The mail carrier delivered the letter that I have been waiting for. Yes, it is my citizenship interview letter. It feels long while waiting the letter to come. The interview is set in the second week of March! I have been reviewing the test, although it is not as difficult as it sounds. S is helping me getting the names sound right and testing me on the history part. The testing will soon approach and hope I will do fine!  Fingers Crossed! 

Later today and tomorrow I will be uploading handmade items to {1/4" mark shop}. zippered Dumplings in small and medium sizes. Linen zippered pouches, coaster set, and kin-cha-ku. etc. Hope you can stop by.  

The second week of {Weekending} link up will be tomorrow and hope you can join with me and other friends. Flickr photo link up is great  and blog post link up is also wonderful. 



  1. How sweet Valentines gift!! Your daughter is so nice!! Good luck with the interview!! I`m sure you will do fine!! Have a great weekend with your sawing! AnneK:-)

  2. To have your daughter write and perform a song for you - how incredibly precious a gift that is!! And your news about your citizenship interview -- I am certain you will do well - you have a great coach!! I will be sending all good thoughts your way for success - being born here, we do not have to pass any tests; there are things many of us take for granted, and I will try to be mindful of that, at least in the near future as I think about what you are aiming for. In the meantime, I will look forward to your zippered dumplings - they are so pretty!

  3. That is the best Valentine's gift ever. The kind you will always remember.
    I will be thinking of you from now until you pass that test. I know you will

  4. Oh fingers crossed! You will pass. What a sweet daughter you have :)

  5. Your daughter is truly a treasure. I'm sure you'll pass the citizenship test with flying colours c


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