Saturday, February 9, 2013


Happy Lunar/Chinese New Year and Welcome to the first {Weekending link up}

S and I haven't been celebrating the New Year since we moved to N.D. We have phoned our family back in Taiwan last night and they were all busy. Mom was preparing food and getting ready for worship our ancestor in our family shrine, but she was able to talk to S and let S greeted her in many New Year blessings.

Our weekending in back in quite mode. S and I made the most delicious { Salted Caramel brownie} this morning. Next time, I would like to add some pecans to the batter.  We found stalks of Brussels sprouts in our local grocery stores. S was amazed! She had no idea how Brussels sprouts grow. We bough a stalk home and she had great time to take them down from the stalk. We don't know if we can eat the stalk. Does anyone of you try?

Each Year, I bough  a big bag of Clementines and let them sit in the kitchen throughout the Lunar/ Chinese new year time. Clementines in Chinese pronunciation is referring {good luck}.  As I remember that mom would let them sat throughout the New Year time then we get to eat them later. I hope to keep some of these tradition in our little family. 

Our weekending has been quite! S needs her personal time to catch up some new books that she got from book fair and I would like to show and tell the scraps that I have been working on soon.. :)

It has been another lovely weekending at { 1/4" mark house}!

How's your weekending?


  1. Those brownies look so good!! Cannot wait to see your scrap project too

  2. I agree - those brownies look terrific! I have had a working weekend and it will continue. No sewing for me (well, I might try to sneak some in tomorrow!) I love your tiny squares - you make such pretty things. I always say to myself: make something like Chase does! Happy weekending!

  3. Brownies look fab, don't eat the stalk!!!!

  4. Good morning from a Canadian admirer in London, Ontario wishing you and Stella a very good and happy Chinese New Year.
    And as said above, do not eat the stalk! (-: You have got all the good bits. Lovely photos this morning as always.
    Thanks for sharing once again Chase.

  5. Happy New Year!!! The brownies look oh, so delicious!!!

  6. I saw that recipe on Smitten Kitchen the other day. I want to try it soon. Your weekend sounds fun and relaxing. Happy Lunar/Chinese New Year.


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