Saturday, February 23, 2013


 {sewing for travel}


 {S, the comic reader}

 {never too many stashes on the side of the table}

 {notes everywhere... }

 {will miss this window, located in kitchen}

 { jay plant}

 { cups?? oh dear.. yes! cups!}

{a bucket of baby gifts for my colleague's baby boy who soon will arrive!}

 { simple dinner}

{pins, anyone?}

We are having a long weekending due to no school days The temperature has been low throughout the week and finally it was warm on Thursday.  S and I went to the public library in the morning and I brought alone my sewing project, so we could stay longer! It feels good to finish the hand-quilting while S searching books. The quilting has taken a little longer that I anticipated!

Do you have spring fever? S is having a Spring fever lately! The anticipation of warmer weather, go somewhere has green ground, do something different, or stay outdoor longer. The end of February days are getting long for the little ones to think winter is fun!  We headed to the park later in the day and went sledding. It was cold, but we both had great time! For once, my whole body flipped over and snow covered my entire face. S giggled so hard!! It took me a few minutes to realized I flipped! We did the rides together and we each take turns. For sure, the  Spring fever is slowly reducing!  The outcome for me is fight a stuffy nose.

Not much sewing activities during the weekending, but I did manage sew for a little! We started packing around here! It seems a little too early, but there are plans to make prior we check out with university housing, moving truck reservation to make, storage unit to rent, and yes, it is a little overwhelmed, but really exciting!

Do you like sewing pins? May I admitted that I think I LOVE sewing pins! There are more than I needed!  Whenever there's a good sales, I try to pick up a box then soon there are more than one box!  Once in awhile I would go through each pin then recycle the ones that got bended.

Our weekending has been more resting, planning, conversation, researching, and packing! I packed a bucket of baby gifts for my colleague's baby boy who soon is coming.  I thought it would be fun to use the {bucket} that I made, so later on when he grows up it can be his toy bucket. 

The days are getting longer each day and it has make each day easier to awake in the morning. I love being able to photograph when we gets home from school; light and clear.


  1. Have a nice weekend, Chase!! *enjoy your day!! *uughh.. I don't like packing LOL* Your fabric's collection really make me jealous..

  2. Just started following your blog. Love your fabric choices.

  3. Hi Chase,

    I'm not a new reader but new commenter. I love your blog, your fabrics and following little S's adventures. This weekend I have a weekending post too and I wanted to link up to your blog. I generally don't write in English but this time added some sentences in English. Hope it's ok for your format.

    I love sewing pins too.


  4. Hi Chase
    I'm linking up with you today too. I hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend.

  5. All of these photos are gorgeous, Chase! I love that little pincushion!

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  7. As usual your fabric choices are beautiful–my weakness if for safety pins, I have far too many of them!

  8. I really love your pics! It is true photo-reportage of your life :) And yes: your choice of fabric is fabulous! Have a lovely day! Jolana

  9. I've moved loads and the box of cups is a familiar site!!!

  10. Love the pins, now I feel I have the "right" to buy more, since you have so many!


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