Sunday, January 6, 2013


 { S, busy bee}

 { Anna Maria Horner}

 { Green and Blue}

 { collection}

 { Scarp Stamp Quilt}

 { fabric castle}

 { Single Girl}

 {Greeting card from Nishiki... she is well}

 { chop. chop. chop by S}

 { green}

 {chop, chop, chop by me}

{ veggie soup}

Thank you everyone for all so very sweet comments on {patchwork folder and zippered pouch}. The process of making it was fun and many {what if I do this would it be better to access questions, etc}. I would love to write up a tutorial when I start making the set for my sister, but it will be a little while. School starts tomorrow for me and first few weeks would be busy and many catch up paperwork with the department. Leaning new students also match their name and face together. 

S had an overnight flu last Friday and was up throwing and feeling stomach pain so hard, so she stayed home and fell back to sleep for the entire morning.While she was resting, I pull out all my fabric boxes and start pulling prints for {Single Girl Quilt}. All the templates are cut, but I haven't cut the fabric, since I am still rearrange the prints/ colors. It will be a so fun quilt to make! Lots curves! 

Over the weekend, S and I drove 78 miles south to the international market. We go down to the market once a semester and just load up the food we needed. We made over 200 dumplings today. Lots veggies for sure! S chopped all the cabbages to mixed with other ingredients while I was making the veggie tofu soup. It has been a lot of veggie eating here and it really helps me to keep myself in a healthier condition.  S on the other hand is loving the simple soup and rice. She has been enjoying cook with me each time and weekends. Learning each ingredient's name and asking question on every step. It feels really great that when we both can share together.

The stamp quilt is coming together slow, but surely a lot of fun! I made few patches each night. If you have check in {Flickr} you'll find some latest photos. I found some great Anna Maria Honer {here} and decided to get some. Mom and sister love their {scarves}so much and I though I'd make another scarf for them this Mother's Day.  As you can see the blue and green prints are for S' 9th birthday quilt. It has been a lot of veggie eating weekending here at {1/4" mark house}. How have your weekending been? 


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