Thursday, January 10, 2013

Radom: waiting

 {making a PURPLE quilt? can't believe it|}

 { another pinnie}

 { quarter ring #1 done cutting}

{ few more needle books to send out.. needed to add button for each one}

It seems impossible that I bough 7 different purple prints in fat quarters and working on a PURPLE quilt. It is a birthday quilt for a very dear friend of our family who turns 60 last December. I didn't get the chance to make the quilt to send for the birthday. I was totally surprised that he likes purples. That might be the reason I hesitated to purchase the fabric and waited on how to make the purple birthday quilt. I based on colors of purple, gray, and yellow. From the base colors I work with different tones. I plan to make a lap quilt, so  two different prints would needed to add to the top in order to enlarger the quilt size. 

This week, I got away with many errands in school and S decided to exercise her independence this week before she turns another year older next month.  Oh, yes.. There are many bickering moments at {1/4" mark house} this week which makes it a bit challenging. I hope it's ok to share with you that I am an impatience person this week. I am waiting impatiently to find out mfa exhibition date this Friday and I think it's the nerve bugs that are bugging me...



  1. I don't have much purple in my stash either. It looks like you have a good selection in your pile. Purple and yellow does look really nice together.
    Hope you get good news on Friday, sounds like your stressing out. Hang in there!

  2. Purple has always been my favorite color but I haven't used it in quilts before now. Right now I'm working on a Swoon quilt whose base color is purple with pinks, yellows, greys, and blues. My mom made me a purple and yellow quilt when I was a kid.

  3. there is a book entitled, When I am Old I Will Wear Purple.


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