Friday, January 25, 2013

Patchwork Zippered Pouch

 { Scraps from M}+{ front}


 {tab zipper sewing}

This zippered pouch is only finished project from last two weeks. It seems like most of projects are in working in progress stage and rather in large scale. The zippered pouch is made with many scraps that were sent from a friend of ours. Her tastes of the purple is great and of course many different type of fabric. I have never sewn dress shirt fabric before, but was fun to try. They are rather thin and a little stretchy. I added some of my own scraps and really love how this pouch turns out. 

I used { quilt as you go method} for the exterior sewing and lined with cotton fabric. Normally I don't line with any interfacing with lining fabric. I like the flexibility of the lining look. I miss play scraps lately as {girl one} and {girl two} are digging from the stashes. Now, I have colleted more scraps to play after they both get quilted and bound. It will be another few weeks still. 

Thank you for all the good thoughts! The housing department sent the work order in for us right away. Our door was locked when we got home and the key was able to get in and made the door click. They got us a new lock, so it is working.  {smile}

Oh.. Yes! Strawberry coffee cake recipe. I will get it write up this weekend and re-post it. According to Department of Homeland Security record. I will be getting the official letter anytime now for my interview and test.   fingers crossed!



  1. fingers crossed. Glad you got the lock fixed. Love the patchwork zipper pouch

  2. This is beautiful pouch and I love the bag, too! I want to make these! x Teje

  3. What a great use of scraps! its delightful this : )

  4. Fingers crossed here, too, Chase! Lovely pouch!

  5. I love your pouch...can you let us know what pattern you used?

  6. You really know how to put colors together, it's harder than it looks! You are such an inspiration to me.

  7. The colours are gorgeous, and I love the little tape measure tab.


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