Friday, January 4, 2013

Patchwork Folder & zippered pouch

You might have seen patchwork folder {w.i.p. photos} over the holiday break.  The patchwork folder and zippered pouch set just finished on Monday night as I was debating if I should add {something} to it. I made a belt for the folder and it turns out very satisfactory.

Every other two years, my family  purchase an electronic equipment for me. This year, I ask for a tablet. Since we travel often during the summer time and take long distance flights to visit family. The laptop has becoming a heavy belong for me and on top of that extra clothes and S' belongs.  It didn't feel like traveling when we get on our second flight, but felt like moving a load of truck with us. When the i-pad arrived, I set it by the Christmas tree for 2 hours. didn't wait till Christmas to open it.  I had to see what it looks like and how does it work. Many how questions still pops up and I am confused with new app. downloading and using i-tune..etc.

Then, my second action was start measuring the size of i-pad. I have to protect it, so it can really travel with me.  I used some small scraps from last few tote projects then patch them into small nine-patch blocks then play with block and white prints. Lately, black and white prints are speaking loudly to me. It seems catch my eye first before other colors.  It took a few days to decided on the closure design as I was hand-quilting. Originally, I plan use zipper, but when did the mock up look it didn't work as well as I like.  Something simple and easy access was what I after. Then I decided to make a simple patchwork style folder, so I can take the i-pad out as I need and insert it in when I put it away.

Then of course, a zippered pouch is needed for the charger and future ear phone { if there's one for i-pad}. Or other related products need to take along in the trip. The match set style is the first time I attempted. It is challenging and fun to come out different designs, but use similar fabric combo colors and consider how to give these scrap a new life.

 Metal zippers are my preference type of zipper!

The lining fabric was found at Jo-ann's. It is really cute! No interfacing for the lining or small pockets insert.  The roomy space is always nice!

 { i thought you might like to see the behind the scene photo.. this is how I photography}.

The belt! The patchwork folder was finished over the weekend and I take it with me from room to room, but knowing something is missing.  It feels like something needs to be added in order to secure the folder. So I measured around the folder and make a belt for it. Sewn Velcro for the nice closure.

 After I finished the belt. I saw {home} and though it is perfect as the gift was from home.

 { to prove the belt is sturdy}

Both patchwork pieces were hand-quilted. When I was hand-quilting these, I left out some other sewing project, so there are few packages still isn't completed to send out at this moment.  I felt eager to finish the patchwork folder and the zippered pouch, so I can take it with me when school starts. The laptop can stay home and my backpack will be lighter.

I think I've gone too far on this project, but it turns out very {Chase}.  I will be making another set, but in different patchwork style for my sister. I hope she will like them... {Sometimes, I can't read her mind :) }.

Lately, I have been sewing small patchwork pieces, but I have just start a new quilt. Have you read { Jolene aka Blue Elephant Stitches Post?} She starts her {Single Girl} and I decided to quilt along with her. There was a {quilt along group} a few years ago? I bought the pattern that time, but never make the quilt. It would be another great quilt to make and time for pulling fabric out and make a little mess.

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  1. Incredible!
    The patchwork is beautiful as ever...great color choices!
    The belt is the icing on the cake!!!
    Will you be doing a tutorial?
    Your work is just amazing!

  2. Chase, this set is so fantastic. I love all that black and white with some splashes of color, what a great idea. Love the patchwork design, too. You totally rocked it.

  3. Gorgeous patchwork, Chase! I just love your taste in combining such great fabrics.

    Oh, I could be very tempted to join you and Jolene in making a Single Girl quilt. It's such a great design.

  4. Fantastic. It's my sister's birthday soon, and she would be so happy to have such a folder with a belt. Thanks for the idea.

  5. It's so beautiful Chase! I just got an iPad for Christmas too, so I'm searching for ideas to make a cover for mine too. Yours is very inspiring. Thanks for sharing it :)

  6. What a wonderful set. Great job. Your sister will love getting one like this.

  7. Awesome set. Great colors.
    An iPad was under the tree here too. If you come across any great crafty/sewing apps please do share! Learning my way around it all here as well.

  8. Your tiny perfect patchwork is so appealing, Chase! All your hand quilting and the little bits of fabric just sing! You are so very creative! Your sister will certainly love the set you make her, I'm sure!

  9. Chase, they are super adorable! I think I need to make a set for me...
    Wish you a very happy and creative 2013!

  10. Love them to pieces. So cute!!! How big is your iPad? I got the smaller one which was the one I was really after. I needed the smaller one because I can't hold the bigger one but the smaller one is just perfect. If you need any help with it just ask me because I have been Mac addicted for a long time - I'm on my 3rd iPhone so I know a lot about aps.

  11. So cute!!! And so nice fabrics! J.

  12. Splendid projects, Chase! I was sitting here all bleary-eyed, barely awake this morning, looking down through my daily email of new blog posts from Bloglovin' and when I saw the picture of your patchwork, I got chills! Instantly knew it was your work! Your style is soooo fantastic! Your iPad will be very happy in that case!

  13. I love the fabric combination on these little makes. Where do you buy your metal zippers? They look so much better than the plastic kind.

  14. This is brilliant Chase! I love the velcro belt idea, and the fabric as well. Looks like you put a lot of thought and time into this. And I bet it was fun too!

  15. I would like to know where those zippers came from too- I like the pull!

  16. What a lovely little album ! I totally adore all your little touches throughout.. You have such a good eye for design!Learn to more about 6x9-presentation-folders


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