Saturday, January 12, 2013

Random: news

Yesterday, we left the graduate meeting late and the wind started pick up the snow dust. We have had a winter blizzard and glad outside is all calm and sunny again, but cold!

I wondered if you have all crossed your fingers for me!!! Thank you if you have done so because I got the 2nd week of April for my MFA exhibition! No needed to draw numbers and see who goes up first, second.. last! That means I have 12 weeks to completed all the major works and exhibit my artwork professionally. If you ask, am I nervous? Actually, I am not! I am calm and glad to know the dates and can be prepared for everything.

Today has no crafty activities at {1/4" mark house}. S is working on her cursive writing and I am on the other hand working on another piece for the exhibition. Sometimes, it feels great that we have a little space for each other then we'll can work together again.



  1. I love, love, love your Blog! Sew many pretty things.

  2. I just started reading your blog a few months ago and continue to be touched by the close relationship you have with "S", maybe jealous is a better word. My daughter is an adult and she never showed any interest in following in my craftiness. She went to college out of stat and decided to stay in that state. We have a lovely relationship too, we just don't share any common interests, we have learned to support what the other loves. Good luck with your presentation.

    1. Hello! I couldn't reply you via email.. Thank you so much for taking your time and share with me. I think and believe when S grows up she will eventually move away. I encourage her to go out and see the world before she made her mind about later life. I think I will be sad {hid myself in a small house corner sewing} not be able to see her often. When I was younger, my mom didn't have time to spend with me. She was busy working and also taking care of the family. It is a part of me feeling missed as a child. I always appreciated the mother and daughter relationship in any ways~ Have a great day~ xc

  3. So nice to have a date... All the best in your preparations.


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