Sunday, January 13, 2013


 {S, the snow-builder}

 { banner}

 {messy, messy, messy}

 {buttons are on! }

 {S, the violinist}

 { banner}

 {stashes, stashes, stashes}

 {scraps, scraps, scraps}

 { found at Michale's craft store}

 { the time, i have been waiting for}

 { S' first quilt}

 {Single Girl}

{S, the sewer}

We both keep our pajamas on for the day. It feels really good and comfortable! It is the kind of Sunday that we both are feel being home and make it a casual day together. S is back in making mode this morning. She made a banner, one side is pups and another side is kitties.  It is up in her space at the moment. 

I was able to finish up some projects and added the buttons to the needle books. They are ready to mail out! It might take another few days to package up these and mail them out. It feels good to cross out lists and start the single girl quilt. All the pieces are being cut and sort. I think it is going to be a fun quilt to put together. Did I mention I plan making two of single girl?

S starts her first quilt today. It has been a long time waiting to have two sewing machines up on the same table. We both sew, chat and had tea together. It feels like having a sewing friend around! We talked about colors and prints. She asked if she could have some fabric for her backing and if she needs to design a backing for her first quilt, so on and on.  

Thank you for all the encouragements! It seems like April will be here in no time! The weekending time help out to plan each project and help out to get back to the schedule. Last week was challenging and long! 



  1. Love the 2 sewing machines together!!!
    You are both so lucky...I also had sewing time with my daughter when she was younger and she made two quilts!
    She is now away at University but today when we talked she said she got a new crocheting is a blessing to be able to create with your hands!
    The 3 cats banner is the cutest!

  2. I used to sew am knit with my mother and grandmother. Those are the best memories! You are both affortunated. Best wishes!

  3. That's wonderful that you have created a space for your little one withing your space. She will remember that day for ever. How lovely to chat about fabrics and shoot the breeze. Our Sunday was pretty much a pajama day in Ireland too!

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