Monday, January 28, 2013

Random: post weekending

 { S, plays}

 { more containers}

 {scraps, scraps, scraps}

 { more pinning}

 { all assembled in rings... }

 { my mini library}

{ a giant drawing string bag for S}

The internet server is down and I am blogging from school instead.  This weekending I intended a {weekending} post, but didn't make it work nor the cake recipe update.  We had a big cleaning job this weekend. We dust off every room of our home and rearranged the sewing/work room together. That result us a clean space to work.

S gone through her color boxes and try out each markers and she had good time making a rainbow strip in her space. On the other side of her space was mine and I was trying to reorganized the fabric and fabric boxes. 

After a good weekending sewing. S' quilt top is all put together. It looks very sweet together. Hope she will love it as much as I put it together for her.  Yes, she still doesn't know it is for her. :)  Hope the backing fabric will arrive anytime from now, so I can quilt it soon. I have a week from today to finish it.. plus a little decoration that I like to surprise her when she gets up on her birthday.

My new mini library is fantastic. They are used to pile up together and on top of books I have pile of fabric. It was hard to access to the books when I look for them. The old box that I found was perfect for the book storage. On top of the box is actually an old pie carrier. I storage our craft papers in them. It also helps S to get her supplies as she needed.

An overdue {drawstring bag} for S' reading tent.  It is measured 30"x30". She has her tent stored under her bed, but the wire is flexible, so it doesn't stay properly for her.  She was happy to have that taken care now. The fabric I used was from IKEA.  

The temperature is above zero and it does make everything twice nicer and easier! 




  1. your projects look amazing, Chase. You're one sewing machine, I can't wait to see your newest Single girl, I bet it will be totally, gorgeously beautiful.

  2. Hi!! What a quilt you are making!! I realy look forward to see it!! AnneK:-)


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