Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Random: sew, slow down

 {for elise}

 { small sewing tape}

 { for elise}

 { these two skirts reminded me that S used to wear skirts that i made for her when she was littler}

 { for S}

 { little girl v.s. big girl}

 { of course, scraps time}

 { sure, lots scraps}

{ they will keep me busy}

Our internet server won't be back up till the end of the week, so I try to get emails done before leave the studio here. Baby Elise turned one-year-old last Friday. She is very healthy and fun to be around! As I was focus on sewing S' quilt last week. I didn't make the time to make anything till last night. I made two spring skirts for Elise. They might be a little longer, but I think she will be walking by summer time.

After the green spring skirt was hung in the room. S asked if she can have one, but she would like the top trim with darker fabric. With those requests I can't say no! It used to take 1/4 of fabric to make one skirt for S, but this time was 1/2 yard of fabric. It is the time that I feel a little sad that she is not a baby girl anymore. She is a young lady! 

More scraps sewing in action! I am still waiting the backing fabric to arrive.. I am a little nervous with the completion of the quilt.. fingers crossed! 

The {strawberry coffee cake} is update! Enjoy if you make one!  I will be busy sewing again for the decoration tonight and more.. hope show and tell very soon.... 



  1. What adorable skirts - nice you made one for your sweet S! Thanks for the recipe for that strawberry coffee cake! I will wait till the spring to make one when I can get strawberries from our local farm. I bet it will be great with any kind of fruit, though.

  2. Lovely skirts. I have an Elise too (she's 6 years old), and make her skirts like yours! What a great name. :)

  3. The scraps look great - I love seeing the combinations and collections that come together when I piece scraps at random, it's such a satisfying process!

  4. I love your combinations of fabric on the skirts. It's strawberry season here now so I might have to make this one of the first cheats on our new diet.


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