Monday, November 26, 2012

Mr. Rocky kin-cha-ku

{Mr. Rocky} Kin-cha-ku aka drawstring bag finished last week, but I had to run to Joann's to get the string, so I waited to share with you. All the fabric are from DS fabric, but the Mr. Rocky's print is Japanese fabric found {here}.  Do you know Denyse's new fabric for Spring 2013 will be coming very soon?  Guess who is super excited?  I didn't ask Santa for any Christmas gifts this year, so I'd be getting the new fabrics instead. 



  1. Lovely, and I love the hand quilting.

  2. So beautiful Chase. And the string is such a nice touch.

  3. Oh, Mr. Rocky is darling!!!! Why doesn't that surprise me? You're so inspiring!

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