Monday, November 12, 2012

Random: in the sewing room



It has been a productive day in the sewing room. Made new placemats for the dinner table and learning new quilting pattern. The placemats have been in { to-do} list for long time and it is always fun to patch fabric together and bring new atmosphere to the dinning table.  When I made the first set of placemats, I washed them almost after every dinner meal, but later on food stain became part of the colors in the fabric. I had to be cool about it!  

S established a new clutter space in the living room.  From the view of the sewing room door I knew she is having good time building the { turkey family}. The house keeping job failed as the she has all her tools out.. ..

A new project that started last night. Each little squares finished at 1"x1".  Lots small hand stitches are happening and the {flying geese} is ready to show and tell after finishing binding. 

more to come 



  1. such wonderful projects, Chase :)

  2. I like your new quilting design

  3. I adore your photo essays!
    That they have to do with creative pusuits and such fabulous projects is a bonus!


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