Saturday, November 3, 2012

Random: Weekending

 { a new coaster for me}

 {the corner of her bed}

 { wonky star zippered pouch}

 { lining}

 {S' idea about fabric}

 { a coming soon wonky star tutorial}

 { quilts under her bench}

It is quiet here! It seems like we forget how to react when snow falls on the ground. Maybe it is too early to think about winter is HERE! The dinner meals have been changed to hot soup and use heavier ingredients for each dish. S is excited about moving her clock backward tonight and I am the oppose from her. I always have hard time during the daylight saving, but will be glad to wake up in the light, not dark.

The zippered pouch was finished this morning and it is a perfect size for traveling. It is hand-quilted and lined with linen and cotton blended fabric. The size is finished at 4"x8". Never too many zippered pouches, right?  It always comes in handy for storage and give away for gifts. I plan keeping this zippered pouch for myself this time. The scrap bowl is low and I am moving in to real stashes now. Cutting for {farmer's wife quilt along} blocks and hand-quilting for { log cabin quilt}. It is a very relaxing weekending here at {1/4" mark house}. How's your weekending?

time for some tea and cookies and make sure check back with the wonky star tutorial next.



  1. This zipered pouch is so cute! Can't wait for the wonky star tutorial. I thint I'm going to piece some of these blocks to make the outer pockets of my bag organizers:

  2. How you manage to post so often and every post is interesting. I love your randomness! Really, I do!


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