Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Random: In house

 { new books to read}

 { another kinchaku bag}

{ sneak peek: for S...shhh.. don't tell her}

It has been a busy week to start with.  This morning, we left at 7:30a.m. for S' doctor appointment when we got there we couldn't find her name in the computer check in. Then I found out that the appointment is at 10:50 a.m. not 7:50a.m. Took S back to school for morning session and I am waiting the time to past, so I can pick up her up later for the appointment. Sometimes day like this happened, but not very often!   

A few books arrived yesterday!  These books have been in the amazon cart for months and weeks. The wish listing for books is very long and S just requested another 3 books.  I haven't get the chance to read the books since they arrived, but this coming weekend would be perfect weekend for book club weekend.   

Another {Kin-cha-ku aka drawstring bag} is in progress. Only needed the bias binding for the top to finish up!  As you all know when S spins herself around me a lot and keeps telling me how cute the projects are that means she REALLY likes them! I tucked away the second {Mr. Rocky} piece and will make a {Kin-cha-ku} for her. Hope this secrete would allow me to keep another 34 days {fingers crossed}.  The process for hers is slow since I can only work on it during late night or when she is in school.

Thank you for the sweet comments on the {Mr. Rocky}! Hope you get the chance to try the pattern yourself! Would love to see your work!  

Wish you have a great {Thanksgiving Holiday} if you are celebrating!  We have a big turkey and a few friends visiting! Will stuffed with lots laugh, food, and good movies! and of course... sewing! 



  1. The kinchakus looks great! But then, I love everything you make! :-)

  2. Happy Thanksgiving Chase! I'm in love with your Kinchaku bags.


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