Friday, November 2, 2012

Random: Not really Rainbow part ii

It is snowing so hard right now! The second snow started in the early afternoon. Grounds are covered with snow and it is continually falling.  Around this time of last year, I made this {flying geese mini quilt}. At the time, I printed second {pattern} for myself, but I never take the action for it. The printout papers were in the {w.i.p} basket for almost a year.  Finally these geese are here..

It is not really a rainbow color wheel.  Where is miss Purple?? I looked and looked around my stash and sadly to tell you that I have only one purple print, but it doesn't match with these prints, so I used brown instead.

Last night, I was playing with the triangle scrap pieces that from the paper piecing. I made four wonky stars. These are so cute and lovely. Each single star block is finished at 5"x5". No waste of the fabric!

They are soon will become a zippered pouch and the receiver is Stella's mama!  Would you like a little tutorial on wonky stars?  Stay turn.... 

{Random: not really rainbow part ii} link up {crazymomquilts}!


  1. I came over from Finish it Up Friday, and had to comment because I have problems with purple too! Purple print problems. I have to try really hard to buy purples. I think your almost-rainbow is just perfect without purple. Brown looks great!

  2. Love the block. I have tons of purple. Your brown looks good too.

  3. Love the "not really a rainbow" but love the wonky stars even more! I can't believe it's snowing there, Chase! I think you'd like California...

  4. I love that background fabric on your star blocks! Really striking.


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