Thursday, November 8, 2012

Random: we are celebrating here..


 {The finger blister is from making the flan} 

{Mexican Flan}

 {Kitchen sink quilt}

 {New paper piecing pattern}

We are celebrating here! Our minds are full of excitements and physicals are exhausted.  Few gray
hair was added to myself  this week, but we are celebrating here! The little cheerleader clapped all the way from her school back home, just for mama! Screaming and cheering...... lots exciting moments.....

My MFA second review was conducted this Wed. Not much sleep for me and was a tough week to start with;  more a stressful week. The review is done! Within the 2 hours review, I had lots pauses moments { more likely- blank out} and tried my best effort to defensed my works. Conceptual content needs lots improvement still! Thank goodness! { I PASS }! Suddenly the butterflies flew away and the rocks on my shoulders dropped a few. We celebrated with homemade Mexican flan, roast chicken, baby broccoli, and bread. Of course, sparkling water is the must for the drink {Fuji apple is our fav}. 

After finished {Farmer's wife QAL} blocks, the machine is being turn off! The sewing space is still the same space that you seen last. The only new project is the new paper piecing pattern and is on its way! There was a between time on Wednesday before the review and I was able to sit down to outline the drawing. The pattern is getting finalized and will soon transfer into digital file, so please stay turn!

The {kitchen sink} quilt is slowly put together! The scrappy blocks will combine with the orphan blocks that left from the previous projects. It would be a record of fabric and sewing project all together! Do you have a {kitchen sink quilt}?

The mini getaway school plan is sorting through the fabrics and enjoy the long weekend that is coming..... and continue our celebration here.......

The air is wet and cool! Another snow storm is coming to our way. Nothing better when snow in during long holiday break!



  1. congratulations to you chase. You and Stella have a great long weekend.

  2. Wow...congratulations to you, Chase! What a great achievement! And, what a wonderful role model for your daughter...women can do anything and everything!

  3. So totally happy with your news, I knew from reading your posts how much this was weighing on you-how terrific that you can now relax for a bit & celebrate!

  4. A B*I*G Congratulations to you! That is such good news.

  5. Congratulations, Chase! What a great achievement. So very happy for you - enjoy your celebratory weekend!

  6. So glad your review went well, though I thought it would! So sorry about your blister, but that flan looks mouth-wateringly good!

  7. Congratulations Chase! It has been many years since I completed my MFA, but I remember well the long hours of preparation and being nervous. And double the congratulations for raising a daughter and spending such quality time with her while being in school! --Becky C.

  8. Congratulations! It's a wonderful feeling having passed! All the learning and working was worth while. I am happy for you!Greetings from Germany


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