Saturday, November 24, 2012


 { did you see the little S, she was 7 months old} 

 { the Christmas star that S made when she was 5.
she used the phonics and sounded Merry Christmus}

 {excuse with all the threads}

 { Holiday season is officially arrived 1/4"mark  home}

 { Christmas lights bring warmth to the North land}

 { lots toys for Santa and his elves}

 { very scrappy writing on Scrappy Quilt}

 { S' letter to Santa}

 { best mugs that I could find lately}

{ almost done}

It is a tradition to put up Christmas tree and decorate our home on the weekend after Thanksgiving, but this year we decided to set everything up the next day.  Every year,  S decided on a Christmas theme and we would make Christmas ornaments together and send them to our friends and families.  There are many ornaments that she made when she was a wee tiny and I saved them in the box.  Every year, I hear her said, did I make that?  How can I spell the words wrong?  Did I ask Santa for these gifts?  yes, each year she wrote Santa a big letter and these letters have been kept. Some are really sweet! 

The Christmas lights bring lots colors in our home! It makes everything twice prettier and extra special to our home.  Under the tree there are lots toys for Santa and his elves! They like to rest and play before they take off to the next boy's and girl's home! We might needed to add a few toys this year before the he and the elves arrive.  

The scrappy quilt is done with the quilting! The binding is on and will need few extra hours to the hand binding tonight! I tried the free motion quilting on writing and I think there's a lot of room for me to improve still. It is probably annoy not able to see the whole quilt again, but I will give a full report later on. 

I have hard time say no to cute mugs; especially the Christmas mugs and our cupboard doesn't have any more room for any more mugs, but the true is these mugs are super roomy for my coffee and S' hot coco! 

It has been a great long holiday weekending at {1/4" mark home}. How's your weekending? Hope you have stuffed good food, good laugh, good sleep, good sewing, and good time!!  



  1. Good weekend so far for me as well. Love all the Christmas decorations and the peeks at the quilt. Everyone needs more mugs!

  2. What wonderful memories and things to cherish with your S! Enjoy the rest of the weekend. Quilt looks wonderful, too!


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