Sunday, November 4, 2012

Farmer's Wife QAL

Excuse me if you see threads everywhere in the next {many} photos. This is my first attempted to use rotatory cutter to cut the template pieces. It went FAST and saved many hours on drawing the lines on the back of the fabric pieces. Each piece was mostly cut individually; only the squares that I overlapped and cut together. I work a little messy. All the blocks' pieces were cut before assembling.S was a great helper to organized them for me.

Can you see the mistake layout? Although I had book open I still make mistakes on layouts. When work with each block, typically I have the block layout next to the book and check if they all are in place. Many time I would sew pieces together then later realized that they were either upside down or wrong sides.

As you know after each project{ the corner} of the sewing room is always clutter. However, this time they are placed in the basket instead and ready to be sort back.  I need more of these file baskets.

It is really fun to revisit {w.i.p.} projects. It gives me a review of where I started and how would I like to ended. As this project is closer to the finish { 46 blocks more}.  It is good time think about sashing ,backing, and binding fabric. Also it is getting exciting to see this quilt come together. I have 17 blocks finished and that added up to 65 blocks in total.

 #77 Seasons

 #84 Spool

 # 81 Snowball

 # 109 Windows

 #111 Wrench

 # 108 Windmill

 # 47 Homemaker

 # 66 Periwinkle

 # 73 Rainbow Flowers

 # 69 Practical Orchard

 # 92 Streak of Lighting

 # 61 Northern Lights

 #96 Tulip

 # 74 Ribbons

 # 60 Noon & Light

 # 103 Whirlwind

 # 71 Puss in the Corner

Are you still farming along? I am really slow! If I am a real farmer's wife;  crops would not survived. It takes long time to decided prints for each block and put the action together.  Glad to have these completed as one of weekending goal! 



  1. I will often sew things backwards because I am slightly dyslexic.

  2. These blocks are soooo pretty. I know they are very time consuming. All the time you put into choosing the fabric is well spent, Chase.
    ; )

  3. When these are all sewn into a quilt it is going to be a fabulous encyclopaedia of fabric as well as block, such beautiful contrasts in your blocks. I think my favourite is seasons but they are all lovely!

  4. Homemaker, Seasons, Tulip and Snowball are my favourites with the fabrics you used!
    The other blocks are fantastic as well and they will all make for a beautiful quilt!
    Can't wait to get back to my Farmers blocks too!


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