Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Random: Wednesday

 { robe front}

 {robe back}

I feel dizzy seeing your comments pop in my inbox last two days. {thank you, thank you, thank you} for all the sweet words and great suggestions on the { Log Cabin layout} and { Let's get Acquainted Blog Hop} . I think we have a verdict on the { Log Cabin quilt}!  I plan on this coming weekend trimming the edges of block nicely before I take the next step; assembling. It would be a nice weekending project for me. 

Here is the robe that I made on Sunday night! The pattern is rather easy and simple {Simplicity 5314}. It took me a little over 2 hours to completed it. I intended to use up all the fleece I got last year, so I ended up using two different prints and with no waste!  After I finished it and put on myself I realized that I've got the plus pattern instead of regular pattern. It is super big on me even I made it in size S!  S and I laugh out loud when she put my new robe! She was dragging the robe like a queen's dress.  We had great time sewing and laughing together!

The fall season has been perfect only if the wind is not blowing so hard and the daylight can be extended a little longer!  S has been asking for her own fabric stashes lately! It is very exciting news for me! So,  I went ahead to JoAnn's while she was in school and pick up these fabric for her! I need to go back to the store and get a craft box to put up a little sewing/quilting kit for her! I will save the rotary cutter later, but a nice pair of cutting scissors, a ruler, pens, needles, and spool of threads. Eventually an inexpensive sewing machine later on.  I hope it would be a wonderful surprised package for her! 

I brew myself a nice dark coffee and sitting here writing ...



  1. You're such a good mom!!!!! And that's one big robe for one small lady! Lol. Love the coaster under your mug.


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