Saturday, September 8, 2012

Random: Weekending

brr... Last night, we finally shut down few windows and pulled out our Fall sleepwear.  The sewing room keeps warm, but the floor is cool! This summer I gave away the area rug in the room, so I can see needles if I dropped any. We have many accidents due to "hidden" needles. I could go on more about it. We both are glad that we haven't had any needles into our feet ever since. .... This week, S was inspired by the book that she is reading and wanted to knit. We went to the yarn store in town and she picked out the yarn that she likes. She is committed herself on this project. I need to look up how to bind the scarf off soon! I am not good at knitting, but always admire people who do!! We love handmade scarves, mittens, and hats. We are so lucky that last year, our friend sent us many pairs of mittens. Soon, we'll need to put them.

This morning, I saw this {patchwork bucket} sat aside S' chair you can find {tutorial here}. She also has her new {zipper pouch} inside. {Patchwork bucket} is perfect for the small projects. She carries her bucket to her room or living room. She also puts KIKI inside for a ride.

Do you like to collect? I think we all do!!! S loves collecting stamps! Thank you, {Ayumi} for these cute animal stamps! You really know her well!! They are being cut down from the mail envelope and saved into the stamp collection bag.  There are also stamps from S' cousins from Taiwan. Stamps from other countries that I gave to her.  

Friday I took an hour break and ran to one of the quilt store here. I can't remember when was the last time I visited the quilt shop. The on-line stores surely have changed the why how I consume fabric and other materials. I was hoping to see Aneela Hoey's {sew stitchy} in charm packs and there are a few left, so I picked one up. I have been collecting Aneela Hoey's fabric in charm packs. It is hard for me to have all the fabric that I desire!  I am happy to have some in my collection!

For last few years, I have been collecting charm packs that are so cute and lovely! Many charm packs are gifts from friends to me.  So far, I don't have any plan for these charm packs. The charm pack box is officially full after I added the newest charm pack in. Maybe it is time to start thinking a project and use them.

 More scraps sewing!  Another patchwork tote??!

We swapped in two peach jams this week! Um... it is elegant taste.  We also got some fresh green beans for the week. Saturday coffee is the best! Super dark and we were able to enjoy a resting day at home!

More log cabin blocks in action! The attempt is have 100 blocks by this weekend then onto assembling next week?

S is knitting in her room quietly.  The scarf will be even longer when I go check on her later.  Lots pretty colors showing up already! Yeah! Green and blue are her colors now!! 

Thank you for sweet comments on the { patchwork pillows} 

Here are two suggestions for pillow binding . I am sharing with everyone now. If you have other suggestions I'd be happy to learn it from you as well! 

From Becky
I make both pillow front and back like mini quilts: first piece the front and sandwich it with batting to a muslin back and quilt it, then usually with plain fabric for the back and with an invisible zipper inserted at the halfway point, I make my quilt sandwich and quilt that. I put the two together (like Beth above) "wrong" (muslin) sides together. Since I have a serger, I serge the two togther first (nice, but not necessary) and then attach the binding as I would on a quilt. Hope this helps. --Becky C.

From Beth
I bind pillows the same way I bind a quilt - just sew the pillow top to the backing pieces wrong sides together and attach the binding. At least that is what works for me



  1. Looks like you two are having a great weekend! Lots of time for creativity. I love seeing the fabric bucket and what's inside it :))

  2. sounds like a wonderful day. Enjoy!

  3. Good job on the knitting little one! I love your mummy's blog ; )


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