Monday, September 3, 2012

Random: day off

We have a day off here! It is labor day here in U.S. We woke up in our normal hours and started our day in the kitchen! Today/week of baking is {Almond Chocolate cookies}! Since S can read the measuring cups and spoons. She is the measuring lady!   She always tells me a little extra sugar would make the cookies taste so good! Of course, { sweet} is what she is after!

Nothing like homemade cookies! Extra care and extra special! I wish we could send some to my family, since they love the dark chocolate chip cookies! But most of the chocolate probably will melt down during the mailing process since it is still hot back home!

{ log cabin} blocks are almost done! Actually I have total of 81 blocks! I miscounted last time! That leaves me 19 blocks to go! I am excited and would like to get all the blocks on the floor next weekend, so I can have few layouts to decide for the final quilt top look.

 I got some new fabric yesterday. These are from JoAnn's. These are actually for a commission quilt that I will be working on later this fall! I think I might go back and pick up the gray prints for myself.  I enjoy the green print as well. It also comes with red-orange color.  I have few prints that I keep in mind from JoAnn's, but I know I must get {this} for myself.  Do we all wish that we can have all the fabric that we WANT?

My day off! I went to the store and got  few more plastic containers! As you know that We have less than a year then we will be moving! I have been downsizing lots things here! Few trips to the thrift stores and few bags of S' baby clothes to share with our friends here { It is very hard for me to give up these little things that I have been saving for years}.   The day has been sorting and cleaning. 

This is S' drawing from today! I still need to go to studio and  take photo of the other picture.  She is not completely done with this picture! She was giggling when I was taking this picture. The big puppy named Lily and the little puppy named Lucky! I though you might enjoy her drawing of the day!



  1. yummy cookies.. Now I wish I have more stash.. LOL.. don't we all do.. Now looking at my stash I wish I had more yards of my favourite prints. but I am torn in between having little pieces of all of the beautiful fabric out there or to get more yards of certain prints.. lol..thanks for sharing your lovely day off!

  2. Hi!! I use those boxes too, but mine is a mess..... I love my fabric!! Can`t get enough. Or maybe i do. Love your pictures!! AnneK:-)

  3. I always have a smile on my face after reading your posts. You have so much joy in everything you do.


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