Saturday, September 29, 2012

Random: Weekending

My big bulk of batting was out and about yesterday.  The batting actually is  not so heavy, but it is big and I sat it in the box and put it in the back { far back} of the storage room. Every time when I needed the batting I moved all the front boxes, baskets, and paper towels.  Don't think that I am strong and powerful! It took me a few tries to get the batting in and out the box. S snapped the second photo of me while I tried hard to get the batting in the box. I looked very strong!

Yesterday I started hand basting . It took me a few hours yesterday and few hours today. I have decided to hand-quilting the { log cabin} quilt, so it would be hard to quilt with safety pins around. Do you hand basting for your hand-quilting quilts? When I first started quilting I learned the very traditional way of basting, but at the time I wasn't able to afford many quilting tools. I think I used the large embroidery needles for basting then later on I discovered the basting needles. It really saved my fingers. I highly recommend use the basting needles instead! 

Finally I got the Chicopee's print that I missed and also the Cherry Christmas charm pack. I must admitted that I wish to have a full yardage of the Cherry Christmas prints. It is so cheerful and S loves Christmas!

This morning, mail carrier delivered a surprised package!  S and I enjoy unwrapped gifts today and she loves seeing her name on the cards and discovered a gift to her as well! My dear friend made me a super sweet necklace and the little crochet was tied in the package. I took a safety pin and pin on my shirt. Many sweet treats are in the package and  we are saving for the Fall.  {Thank you, V}. 

This is the last weekending in September then October will soon arrive! Today is  moon festival  in Taiwan. We celebrate this holiday back home! Families and friends would get together cook and eat.  This day the moon is the brightest and biggest of the year, so check out the moon tonight if you can! We have had a bright and round moon here last night already and we had  perfect weather!  I wish to have some moon cakes while I appreciate the moon.  How's your weekending?



  1. I have never hand basted a quilt. I have hand quilted tho. I must see this technique. Happy Harvest Moon!

  2. Happy Harvest Moon to you and S, Chase! I saw it last night, and it was incredible!

  3. yes, the moon was amazing yesterday!
    You had a very busy weekend...
    Happy Hasvest Moon Chase!


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