Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Radnom: mid week


We have a low temperature warning for tonight. It sounds like the temperature is dropping down to the 30's over night! We shall shut all the windows down and added extra quilts on our bed for the cold night. Our floor is so cold and we both need a new pair of slippers to keep our feet warm. I have slipper patterns that I bought few years ago, but never made one. I might try to make a pair.. Have you seen Leila's {slippers}?  The sun was warm and cozy all day today! It makes me wanted to be home and sew!!!

We have more fresh ingredients swapped in this week! A pumpkin for the weekend soup, fresh basil for tomato sauce making and a full box of apples for apple pies, apple crisp, and apple sauce. We have been staying on our grocery list and it has been working well for us. Nothing has been wasted or expired. We have learned to preserve food this year and really appreciated the idea of saving for later. S and I are looking forward a cool weekend to spend in the warm kitchen. She is excited about making the pie crust!

This week, I made a few scraps patchwork. Little by little! It is relaxing to play with  ideas and different color matching during the late night..... More to come.. weekending is coming 


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  1. Can't believe it's getting cold there already, Chase! We're still having such a heat wave in San Diego that I couldn't find a box fan in any store yesterday, none!

    Did you make sort of an apple pie? In the pic above it looks like a clafouti, sort of a crust with fruit on top and the edges of the crust curled up. Yummy!

    Your log cabin blocks are looking great!


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