Saturday, September 22, 2012

Random: Weekending

Nothing better than snuggled in this morning! Brr.. was my first though at 6 a.m... I let the alarm rang for a few minutes then I crawled out the bed! It was still dark, but a long list of {to do} sheet was on the kitchen table. Last week, while we were in the grocery store S asked if we can buy some corn bread. I pick up the package and read the ingredients on the package then I turned around and told S that we would spend some time in the kitchen and make our own corn bread.  The corn bread turns out really tasty! S spread butter and some honey on hers and had two slices.  She is surprised that corn bread doesn't taste any corn in it!

For the first time, I feel thankful that we have a small home. The oven heat was traveling to each room and we were feeling rather warm and comfortable. Pulled out our summer quilts and threw them in the wash. When they came out from the drier were all clean and warm. I don't mind throwing quilts in the washer to wash, but I know there must a better to keep them clean. How do you keep your quilts clean?? Any good tips to share?  S has her {pup quilt} out today. The quilt was made when she was 5 { A late Five- year-old quilt. I gave it to her in Christmas}.  This quilt is being loved very much! Each pup block were hand-embroidered. I used to do lots embroidery works, but I just don't seem to take my time and work on them now. 

My biggest weekending {to do} list is making sleeping pants for S. S has been so patience, so patience. She has been gently mentioned that her sleeping pants are a little small and isn't so comfortable for her. I promised that I would find the time to make her new pairs, but it took me a couple months to make them happened! When the first puppy print pants finished she quickly put them on and told me they are fitting her well and she gave me a big hug for making them.  She asked if she can have a pair of pants with two different prints, just like my { robe}, so she picked out two prints that she likes.  I make sure I put up a little tag in the backside of her pants, so she knows the front and back. When I first made her the sleeping pants, she always ran to me and asked  which way should she put them on.  Later on, I started putting these sewing tag for her. It is a simple touch, but solved the confusion.

I layout the {log cabin} blocks in the living room floor this afternoon, but I didn't get the chance to assembling them together! It is a little disappointed that I didn't get all the { to do} list completed today, but I know I will find myself busy tomorrow morning getting the quilt top pieced and feeling satisfied.  Have your {weekending} been busy?



  1. oh, you've been busy. S's pants look wonderful, and so cozy. I also wash my quilts in the washing machine, so no good advice here, sorry.

  2. Once again I am amazed at all the beautiful quilts you have made!!! Beautiful!!

  3. Oooooooooh, these pictures make me exceedingly happy! :)

  4. looks like another wonderful weekend in the 1/4" mark house


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