Sunday, September 16, 2012

Random: Weekending

Weekend is almost gone! Somehow this weekend seems shorter than the others. It might be the cool weather and the late start of the day here!  Yesterday we spent our full mornings in the kitchen and made apple pies and canned apple sauce. Thanks to my little help, S. She did most of apple peeling and cutting.  My job was making the crust!  It is a really simple crust recipe that I found {2 sticks of real butter,  1/8 tsp. salt, 2 cups of flour, 4-6 tbps. icy cold water}. It takes time to make the crust by hand. I used the pastry knife rather than the machine. I promise you it is worth for all the time for handmade crust! 

 This is the apple pie I made!  I sent this apple pie home with our friends last night!

 This is the apple pie that S made! Extra design on the top of pie! We keep this pie, since it is extra special for us!

Our friends brought us some crab apples! Have you had these?? It only take 2 bites per an apple! The texture is very soft and has strong apple flavor.  I always like to take them with me when I go to school.  When I get hungry before lunch time I could have 2 or more.

The basil that I bough home is keeping healthy! Maybe we can have a basil plane before the winter arrives. Hope it gets some longer roots before replanted to the flower pot.

 Isn't this print cute? It is from JoAnn's. I see some little  Christmas gift bags that made by this print!

S is building an animal zoo!

 This is my favorite! The fish kingdom! Lots fish happily swim together!

Have you seen Ayumi's {SP Quilt-Along NO. 3 Pattern Cafe}? It is super cute! I needed to dive in my stash and look for some prints for these. It would be fun to see how this quilt is coming to the end. 

 I should have made this robe during this summer, so I can have it now! It is a goal to have a robe by tonight! Can I do it?

 Yes! We had nearly 10 cups of apple for each pie! It is very satisfy!

 ice cream makes it extra delicious!

Today we went apple picking again and here are the apples that we brought home! We'll make more apple pies and freeze them for the later Fall and winter!  It is likely { an Apple weekending}.

{ Log cabin} is almost there!! Could you come back tomorrow and help me decide??

Thank you for all the sweet comments on the {Patchwork zippered pouch}. They are simple and fun to make! Lately, I haven't have a completed project to show and tell! It will be a little while before the completion! Finally I am sitting for first time during this { Apple weekending}. I will start cutting the robe pattern and dive in the making process!



  1. So glad to read about your fun weekend, Chase! That S is sure making wonderful drawings! I love the one she made of my Wiley...

    Yes, I'll come back tomorrow to see your log cabins. And maybe your finished robe?

  2. We're going apple picking this coming Sunday! I can't wait. You'll have to share your apple pie recipe with me.Mine always seem a little too runny. Do you use flour or cornstarch with the apple, sugar and spices?


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