Sunday, September 2, 2012

Simple Market Totes

Late night storm came by and brought lots rain in! The air is cool and the sky is cloudy! It is perfect for staying home and sew! S is reading her books and asked for morning tea! It is in the process of brewing while I am writing the post. I made four market totes yesterday and had the idea of keeping them simple and easy pattern! This is probably the very first time that I didn't need to go out to get extra materials for.  I was able to use most of the fabric and rejoin them for the handles.  These fabric are woven fabric, which gives a simple Zakka making look! I got these woven fat quarters during the summer trip. I added some lightweight canvas fabric scrap piece that I have.   I just love these stripes print!! The blue stripes print was free in the fabric shop!

As I mentioned that my friend and I are swapping food weekly! Either veggies from her garden or cookies from my kitchen! We love the idea of sharing and trying different food/cooking! It has been fun!! I hope to surprise her with these market totes when we meet again next week! I can just picture her keeps saying " what? you made these for me??" 

Sometimes, I prefer simple sewing! It relax myself and a great way to give to friends who appreciate the handmade!  Tea is ready and we are baking for some sweets today! Today is the day for sweet treats!



  1. So glad to see them! They turned out so cute, of course. And big, too, which will be handy. Your friend will feel so honored!

  2. Great bags, love the simple stripes. And what a wonderful idea, swapping food! Fun to hear that you have an norwegian student ; )

  3. These look great. It is fun to get a simple projects made, isn't it?


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