Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Random: Sew, my friends....

Another parcel has arrived our doorway this week and this time it is from ElnoracElnorac and I were talking about feedsack and decided to have a small feedsack swap. We shared some of our feedsack collection to each other. She is super generous sending some of her sewing tapes, too!! Each feedsack prints are so fun! I think the lipsticks one is super cute! No to mention extra special kitchen prints that she sent with.

Elnorac is super super super super sweet!!! She sent these super cute stationary in the package for S!! She also made the super cute pouch for S! You should have seen when S was opening these little packages! She was so excited and just kept telling me " I think this is so cool!".  Elnorac, you have spoiled her not just a little, but a lot!! S told me she felt that yesterday was Christmas already!!  S read the card that Elnorac wrote to her and was amazing how people learn about her via her mama's blog!  She is so shy and sometimes I must get her permission to write about her projects. Later on I show her Elnorac's Flickr images. I let her know that friendship can be made anywhere and true friends will always caring and willing to share!

Super cute pouch!!  S loves it more than anything! She loves the little sleeping girl  print. Just perfectly made and perfectly for a little 3rd grader!

She keeps this pouch on the side of her table and put all the new stationary in. You can read more about this pouch here.

 These just too cute!! She had a little picnic this afternoon when she came home from school.

She pretends she is drinking from the cup! She came home this afternoon and pull all the little treats out and play a little! A mini picnic quilt needs to be made soon!  S is a very lucky girl!! { Thank you, Elnorac}

The scrap quilt piecing keep me going this week. I spent 10-15 minutes each night and slowly piecing this scrap quilt top. I don't have a timeline for this quilt top, but it will just be a side project for now. It would be great if I can make it into a lap size quilt.  The top left corner pieces are from the paper piecing project that I did few weeks back. I saved all the little pieces then rejoin them together.

Lots fun prints and super small scraps! Some of these pieces were smaller than 1", but I enjoy the small uneven cuts. I sew about every scraps together!

When I woke up this morning the first thing came to my mind was pulling all the quilts out and give them a nice wash! Have you pull your Fall quilts out?  I have been using a small lap quilt in the sewing room during the late nights. I must admit that I enjoy the lap size quilts more lately! It is not too big for the washer and great size from room to room and easy for storage!!  sew, my friends, I have a desire of making a pink quilt lately! Pink, Purple, brown, and orange prints are hard to find in my stash. I am keeping myself open to these colors and hope to find some soon!



  1. So glad S is having fun with her little goodies! And also pleased that you like the fabrics and tapes :) It's good to have friends to care for!

  2. Hi Chase. What a great trade! Would you be interested in a trade for some fabrics in the colors you mention? I have some pink and orange at least. What size would you need? I can send you pictures of what I have. I would love some scraps with cute Japanese prints.


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