Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Random: Friendship

I have been doing lots baking this week! My friend, Patrick is having his MFA exhibition reception tomorrow. I asked him what can I help him more. He said to me, " I would love to have some of your homemade cookies". I promised him I would make the kind that he likes and the kind that he loves ( I guess they are the same, but he loves sugar cookies the most).

Patrick is from Ghana and he does jewelry metal work and fiber weaving pieces. He left wife and young daughter in Ghana and came to U.S. to pursue his study. He has not visited home since he came three years ago and haven't seen the daughter in 3 years in person. It is not very easy!! It takes lots brave and good hopes.  We became closed friend since I started my MFA program. We both are far away from our families and we understand what it is like being in oversea. We talked a lot of the different culture meanings and lots conflicts. He is like an older brother of mine and always tells me, "You will be Fine".    I am so happy for him that he has completed his program of study and having a very successful exhibition!  All the three years hard work has paid off! Congrats, Mr. Patrick!

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